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I was featured!!!


All Things Thrifty

Inspiration avenue

Darling earring holder!!

Felt purses from Studio 5. Aren't they just the cutest things you have seen? I decorated them to my liking. There are so many fun and cute ways you can decorate these. Just have fun with it!!

I got this idea from another craft blog. I love it and it was so super easy. A little time consuming but not bad! I love how it turned out!


I got this idea from studio 5. They have some awesome crafts on that show!

I have wanted to make these for the longest time. Hopefully I will be able to make them soon!


Isn't this so clever?! I really can't remember what blog I found this idea from. But I guarantee you it's in one of my "Favorite blogs list." 

 A frame made into a tray. I love it!!

Styrofoam wall art.
I want to make something similar to this. Isn't it fun?!


Yo-Yo Necklace:
I really am loving this Yo-yo look.
This is my version of a yo-yo necklace.

I really am loving this idea. I totally think this would look so cute when I decorate the girls room.

LOVIN the gray!!

I want to re-finish some of my furniture into this gray color. I would probably do this for the girls room and add some fun pink accents to it. I love it because I could add any color with this gray and it would look awesome!

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