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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Young Womens Lesson 40 handout

This is the handout I made for my lesson today! Don't you love the paper? I love cute paper!

PS. I didn't win the Silhouette Cameo, just in case any of you were curious. :) Maybe someday...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spotlight of the week

My nephew Emilio was the spotlight of  the week last week! Emilio is a Junior in High School. I cannot believe he is already 17. I was 10 when he was born so he has pretty much been around most of my life! And it seriously feels like I was just 17. It really is just so weird.

Emilio is such a great kid! He really is. He is the nicest 17 year old I know! He respects other people and usually cares about what you have to say.

Growing up Emilio loved bugs...still does. He would go catch bugs and hold them. One thing that he is not scared of is Spiders. I don't understand how he is not scared of them. I am terrified of them. Yuck. He has killed a couple of spiders for me because I was so scared to do it! He has a pet terrantula and other pets like that.

One of Emilio's favorite things he loves to eat is my Mom's cherry pie. She really does make the best cherry pie. Anyways, I didn't have time to make him a cherry pie nor can I make it as good as my Mom yet, so I just got him a box of those cutie pie cherry pies for him. He is very lucky I didn't steal one because I love those things!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Silhouette Cameo giveaway..second chance!!

Okay my friends, I am super super super excited to say that quite a few blogs are giving away the Silhouette Cameo again!!!! You have no idea how excited I am about this. Again, I know that I have probably a .1 percent chance of winning, but I am not going to give up!!!!!! I am determined to win this thing!

One of the blogs that I have tried to win from, is an awesome blog called "I heart nap time." I check up on her blog quite often. You all should check it out!

Wish me luck guys!!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

New hexagon bows

My sister-in-laws mother wanted me to make her granddaughters some bows for Christmas. I was able to raid through her fabric and found lots of cute designs! Anyways, I was making some of the bows today and was just experimenting with the fabric and came up with this design! I love how it turned out, so I made a bunch! Haha! I am not even sure if there are bows that are like these ones, and if there are than awesome! I just have not seen any the way I have made mine. I was happy that I was able to come up with this original design. I think they look even better on too! There is one picture where I had my daughter try it on for me but it's kind of blurry. Sorry about that.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pink and Brown fabric tutu skirts!

My friend asked if I would make her girls a fabric tutu skirt like the ones I made for my girls. I obviously said yes and I am glad she did. They turned out so least I like to think so. :) I don't think you could ever go wrong with pink and brown. Love those colors. I told her that I would make some bows to match the skirts too and I love how they turned out too. What do you think?

Spotlight of the week

My little niece Bethany was chosen to be the spotlight this week. Bethany is just about 17 months old and is like an energizer bunny; she keeps going and going and going! Haha! That little girl has more energy than any little kid I know! She LOVES to talk too. It's funny because if you are around her she will seriously talk your ear off. There is never a dull moment when Bethany is around.

She really is such a cute baby! She has the longest, prettiest eyelashes ever! She was lucky and got the Robbins side eyelashes. Bethany is going to be a big sister come May!

Bethany loves to eat! So we chose to get her some snacks for her spotlight gift! I know you can't read yet, but we love you Bethany. We are glad you are a part of the family!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween costumes- Wilma and Pebbles

As some of you know, we did a Flintstone theme for Halloween this year. Audrey was the perfect wilma, and Gracey was the perfect pebbles! We did not have a Fred. Brandon and I don't dress up for Halloween. We prefer to see our girls all dressed up! I already have a couple of ideas for costumes next year. I saw on pinterest a few weeks back an Audrey Hepburn costume. It was really cute. I would actually probably make it so that it is Utah weather proof! Haha! It's always cold on Halloween here; this year being the exception. Problem is I would have Audrey be Audrey Hepburn, except that my Audrey has blonde hair. So, it would probably work best on Gracey because she has darker hair. So, that's my dilemma. I am sure I will figure it out by next year. My other idea was having Audrey be a pirate. I saw a cute little girl pirate costume at a trunk or treat and I actually suggested to Audrey that she should be a pirate and she was so excited about that. So, we will see. I am sure she or I might change my mind about it later. :) My all time favorite costume on Audrey was her Cindy Lou Who costume last year! She was the best little Who out there and I would be tempted to do that costume again! :)

Anyways, I am just rambling on. Sorry. Here are the pictures of their costumes this year.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scentsy and cute candles

I finally got a scentsy!! It only took me forever! Haha! My mother-in-law actually got it for my Birthday. I love it! I love the style of it, I love that it makes my house smell good, I love that it's totally safe with kids, I just love it!! :) She also made me these super super cute candles! I LOVE them!!!