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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kid craft- Duct tape slap bracelets

I had my two nieces over the other day and they were begging me to do a craft. I just bought some super cute duct tape the night before and knew there had to be a cute craft to make out of it. So I found some slap bracelets we had and I let the girls cover them in the cute duct tape. They did want to add embellishments to it, but sadly I didn't have any. But they would be super cute with buttons, flowers, bows......or could even be used as binoculars. :)

Young Women handout- lesson 19

I have the lesson for YW again tomorrow and this is the handout I made for it. I am teaching them about personal records and I thought it would be cute to decorate some cheap notepads to personalize it for them to use as Journals. I have seen these done a lot and thought it was the appropriate time to make some. My favorite part is the ribbon I designed for them to open and close it shut. I think it adds a lot to it.

Oh and that argyle print is duct tape. Isn't it sooo cute?! I was having a lot of fun with it!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Youn Women handout- Temple Marriage

I know you all have seen this picture all over pinterest now. I decided since my lesson is on temple marriage tomorrow this would be appropriate to give to the girls. I then took a couple of quotes (Found from Sugardoodle and from me searching and combined them into one bigger quote that I glued to the back of the picture. I then glued the picture onto some cute scrapbook paper and used contact paper as my laminate to laminate the pictures. That way they can use them as book marks or something. I also bought them some hostess donettes (super cheap at Sam's club by the way)  in white (to signify purity) to go with part of this handout. I did get the donut idea from Sugardoodle but I came up with the idea of buying white ones to signify purity in the temple. :)

Anyways, this is what my beehives get tomorrow with donuts.

Teacher appreciation gift!!

Teacher Appreciation week was this past week. Audrey and I made a cute little gift for her teacher last week letting her know how much we appreciate her. I used a combination of ideas from pinterest and put it all into one.

Here is what they say:

Highlighters: "You are the "highlight," of my week."
Ice cream scoop: "Here's the "scoop," you are a great teacher
Cheese grater: You are "Grate."
Oven mit and cookie mix: " I have to AD"MIT" you have turned me into one smart "Cookie." Thanks for being a great Teacher.

Then we just put everything in the oven mit and I did actually tie it all with a ribbon and had Audrey sign her name at the bottom.

I love doing things like this for other people. It's so much fun!!

Cake mix cinnamon rolls

I found this recipe to make cake mix cinnamon rolls a couple of weeks ago. They looked super yummy and so I decided to try them. I made mine with spice cake mix and they were yummy!!! I will definitely be making them like that from now on and will use the frosting mix in that they used next time.

Mine don't look nearly as good as the ones from the blog I listed above, but they still tasted good!