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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flip flop refashion

I am in the process of making the girls Easter skirts. It's not going so well. For some reason, me and sewing do not understand each other. :) Maybe one day we will be able to communicate better. Problem is, I see all of these super cute things to sew and I think I am better at sewing than I really am. :) I just need to learn to be patient and start by practicing the small things first and then move my way up to the harder things.

So because I was frustrated at sewing and I needed to keep my brain from thinking too hard about the skirts, I decided that it would be really cute  to make the girls matching flip flops to go with their skirts. So I did. :)

Here is how Audrey's turned out. I don't have flip flops for Gracey yet, but I will get some and they will look the same. If I ever get these skirts done, I will post pictures of the girls with their skirt and flip flops.

Here's a before and after shot. Doesn't it look so much cuter? Audrey will be so happy to wake up to this! I can already predict her reaction and it's going to be great! I bought these flip flops last week and look how worn out they already are. She definitely loves her flip flops!

Here is what they look like all finished:

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