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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Teacher appreciation gift!!

Teacher Appreciation week was this past week. Audrey and I made a cute little gift for her teacher last week letting her know how much we appreciate her. I used a combination of ideas from pinterest and put it all into one.

Here is what they say:

Highlighters: "You are the "highlight," of my week."
Ice cream scoop: "Here's the "scoop," you are a great teacher
Cheese grater: You are "Grate."
Oven mit and cookie mix: " I have to AD"MIT" you have turned me into one smart "Cookie." Thanks for being a great Teacher.

Then we just put everything in the oven mit and I did actually tie it all with a ribbon and had Audrey sign her name at the bottom.

I love doing things like this for other people. It's so much fun!!

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.Chrissy said...

this is so creative I bet the teacher loved it, and I bet Audrey loved doing it even more!