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Monday, November 14, 2011

New hexagon bows

My sister-in-laws mother wanted me to make her granddaughters some bows for Christmas. I was able to raid through her fabric and found lots of cute designs! Anyways, I was making some of the bows today and was just experimenting with the fabric and came up with this design! I love how it turned out, so I made a bunch! Haha! I am not even sure if there are bows that are like these ones, and if there are than awesome! I just have not seen any the way I have made mine. I was happy that I was able to come up with this original design. I think they look even better on too! There is one picture where I had my daughter try it on for me but it's kind of blurry. Sorry about that.

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.Chrissy said...

These are REALLY cute!! I love how they turned out!