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Sunday, December 4, 2011

30 "rocks"

Brandon turned 30 today!! A few months ago I asked him how he felt about turning 30 and he was kind of indifferent but did say that he wasn't too happy about it. Ever since then I have been thinking of ways that I can make his "30th," birthday awesome! I have seen all over pinterest different ways you can decorate for a 30th birthday party. There are a ton of cute ideas but none of them really fit to how I wanted Brandon's 30th to be celebrated. I of course wanted to go all out on his 30th too, but he didn't want me to. But I was able to sneak a few decorations in today. One of which I came up with all by myself. I have seen a lot of people using succors and saying "30 sucks," which is a really cute idea. But I wanted to make it more positive. So I came up with the idea of buying pop rocks and making that into a bouquet that says "30 rocks." I love how it turned out! We are keeping it low key around here today per Brandon's request. So I decided that I would make it a special day for him with our little family. I made him some breakfast, made him his all time favorite "Pineapple upside down cake," and am making him roast and potatoes for dinner tonight! Should be a good day!

Oh I have to give a major shout out to Audrey. We bought him a movie for his birthday and she kept it a secret until today! Not only that but the other day when we were putting his bouquet basket together and getting everything ready to decorate for his birthday she kept it a secret from him that whole time. Brandon even tried to get her to tell him, but she told him that she can't tell him because it's a secret!!! She is amazing at keeping secrets!!

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