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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let the Valentine fun begin!!!

So there are many different kinds of advent calendars and advent ideas you can do for Valentines, Christmas, Halloween, etc, as I am sure most of you know. I have never done one before but thought it would be fun to do it this Valentines. I will be giving Brandon a treat or just a little something each day up til the 14th to show him that I love him. And it's fun for me to do this!! I am doing the same concept with Audrey except that Audrey mostly has coupons I am giving her. Oh and I tried doing this for Gracey and she just threw the paper on the floor. I will do fun things with her next year when she understands more!! Each morning when she wakes up she has to find the coupon with the heart that is with it. You know how some people do the "Elf on the shelf," for Christmas and they hide the elf in different places each day? Well, I decided that would be so much fun to do for Audrey but for Valentines day. If I thought of it ahead of time, I would have bought a cupid or something and made up a cute phrase to go with it like the "Elf on the shelf, " but "Cupid on the shelf." I need to think of a creative name for mine though. Once I figure it out I will let you know. Maybe just the plain old "Heart attack," idea will work.

Anyways, so for Brandon's first Valentine treat I got him some Mountain Dew because he really likes Mountain Dew and I attached a label that said "I "dew," love you!" I did not get this idea from my own little head. I got it from many of the nifty crafty blogs out there that have given us many ideas to use for advent treat ideas!!! Almost all of the ideas I used for each of Brandon's treats are from other people. But there are a couple that I came up with that I thought worked out pretty good too!! Anyways for Brandon's treats, Audrey and I will hide them in a certain spot and I will write down a clue for Brandon to find it. He is such a trooper dealing with my corny/fun things I like to do during Valentines Day!!!! He is mostly letting me do it this way becaue he knows how excited Audrey gets when he has to find something she has hidden.

For Audrey's I made mostly coupons for her of things that she usually doesn't get to do, but will get to do each day. Oh and I would have totally done the cute mailbox idea that you see out there, except that I could not find any mailboxes. Maybe next year.

Anyways, so the coupon that she was given today was she gets to stay up 30 minutes after Gracey goes to bed. She is pretty happy about it.  I just put it on her chair at the table this time. I will be more creative next time. Oh and again, most of these coupon ideas I got off of Pinterest. So I don't take credit for all of them.


Amanda and Chad said...

you are giving me so many great ideas! thanks :)

Lisa said...

Good! I am glad I can help!! :)