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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Young Womens lesson "Finding Joy now!" and handout!

I gave my lesson today in Young Womens and it was about "Finding joy now." While I was preparing this lesson I was trying to think of an object lesson I could do but I just can't think of creative things like that. So I asked my husband if he had any ideas and not more than a couple seconds after I told him what my lesson was all about, he came up with some awesome ideas. He really is so creative when it comes to thinking of things like that. I am going to ask him for ideas more often!

This is what I did. He told me to get an empty box or a basket of some sort with a lid and put it at the front of the class on the table. They had the choice to be quiet the whole lesson and sit there and do nothing and don't participate, and if they did that, then they got whatever was inside of the box....which was nothing but they didn't know that. They would have missed out on those opportunities that would have made them happy now. They would have missed out on the special moments we really shared during this lesson.

Or...I gave them the choice to participate during the lesson and each time they were taking time to say nice things to the other girls I rewarded them for it with M&M's. Each time they were taking time to enjoy the little moments I rewarded them for it.  If they had not participated in the lesson they really would have missed out on the opportunity to make one or all of the girls happy today.
The whole point of this lesson was to explain to them that they need not sit and wait for better things to come along. They should not sit and do nothing because they "can't wait," for bigger and better things to arise. If they did then they would miss out on opportunities to serve, opportunities to love and they wouldn't enjoy the moments now because they are too focused on, as I call them, the "I can't waits."

For example:

"I can't wait to get my license."
"I can't wait until I am in High School."
"I can't wait until I can date."

Those are awesome things to look forward to, but they will miss out on the moments that will help them find joy now and they will focus too much of their time worrying about the future. They will miss out on the little things right now that matter the most. One of my beehives was telling me that sometimes she will do something and she will focus so much of her time worrying about why she said or did things she wishes she wouldn't have done...but learned that she has missed out on so much by worrying about the past and not enjoying the moments now. Ditto to that!

I tied it all together and grabbed the empty box and said that if they just sit there and don't find opportunities to serve and focus too much on the "I can't waits," they will miss out on the ("What can I do now,?")  moments (M&M complimenting activity), the moments that will help them to find joy now.  Ultimately, they will get nothing for doing nothing.

I am so proud of my girls, they all participated in the lesson and that made me extremely happy. They all were enjoying the moment and were doing nice things and saying nice things to the other girls. You could see that they were truly enjoying the moment and I love it. One of my beehives told me she wanted to cry because of how happy it made her feel to hear the kind things the other girls were saying to her!

Here is what I did to give the girls the opportunity to serve and to enjoy the small moments:

In order for them to earn some M&M's I gave them opportunities to say and do nice things for each other. I grabbed a mirror (like the lesson suggested) and gave them a turn to look in the mirror and I asked one question per girl and the other girls,  if they chose to, had to answer that question about the girl that had the mirror at that moment. The questions I asked are as follows:

"What do you like most about the girl you see in the mirror?"
"What are the talents and blessings of the girl you see?"
"What do you want most for the girl you see?"

I am not sure if that even makes sense. I have a hard time explaining things sometimes. But it worked out so well with my girls and they all chose for themselves what they wanted to do during the lesson...they truly had the "Power to bring happiness into their lives," (D&C 58:27-28) at that moment......and they did!!!
I noticed the girls were eating conversation hearts on Wednesday so I knew they would love this treat for a handout. They were so excited about it!

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