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Friday, February 3, 2012

Showing some love- Day 3

Here is what Brandon got today:

"I am "HEAD," over heels for you!!!!

I did warn Brandon ahead of time that everything he is getting is going to be corny. :) But I do have to say that I came up with this phrase all by myself. I didn't look it up. I am sure most of you would probably have come up with this phrase but I always get excited when I can come up with it on my own!! Oh and I know it's corny. Don't worry. :)

This is the coupon Audrey got today. You can't really see it but it says she gets one special outing just her and daddy. AFter an hour or so after she woke up this morning she was sneezing a ton and her nose keeps draining. Looks like her date will have to wait for another day!

I felt bad too because the other day when my niece was here I was cutting up these coupons while Audrey was at school and she was a little jealous that Audrey got these, so whenever she comes over I will have a little something for her too. The one I did for her today was she got to pick out a special treat and got to pick out which movie she wanted to watch today. She was pretty happy about it!! I love that little things like that, that don't cost a lot of many, if any at all, can please them! It's great!

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