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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kids crafts

I found some fun kids crafts from a couple of blogs. It's a win win situation doing crafts with Audrey. She loves to do them, and it keeps me sane!!! She gets bored so easily and always needs to be doing something like most 3 year olds. Here are a couple of the ones we have done so far. There are many more to come.

Paper towel butterflies!

Edible painted marshmallows

You just mix food coloring with milk and then paint the marshmallows. We tried painting a banana and an ice cream cone, but those didn't work out so well. I was just trying to find other things for her to paint because she loved it so much and wanted to keep painting!

She was pretty excited to paint these marshmallows!

She figured out that when she mixed two different colors of food coloring together it made a different color. She thought that was so awesome!


~Becky~ said...

Looks like a ton of fun! :D

.Chrissy said...

This one is great!!! Sounds like a perfect activity for little Audrey!