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Friday, July 15, 2011

Crafts/food I have made recently

This is my most recent creation. I seriously love it. Brandon is not a fan of it, but I really am loving it. I told him that I am going to be starting a new trend! haha!


Ice cream cone cup cakes and whoopie pies!!





My decorated eggs from the wood connection!


Brandon's graduation decorations I came up with. Except for the chocolate caps. Those I got from a random site on the internet. Don't you love how I made the candle holders into caps? I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with that idea all on my own. It's not very often I come up with a unique idea, so I get pretty excited when I do!!!


I bought these canvas squares at the dollar store and re-decorated them how I wanted it. I just used paper to decorate these!





I found these decorative letter frames at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $1.20 each and they just so happened to have Gracey's initials. I was pretty happy about that! I just need to change the blue background look and then it will be complete.


Candy bar bouquet!!
I made this for Brandon for our anniversary, made one for my brother as a Thank you and made one for my Aunt and Uncle as a "Sorry for your loss." I love this idea because you can use it for just about any occasion and everybody loves chocolate. So you can't really go wrong with this!!! I got this idea from


I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY "SENSES" gift basket. I got this brilliant idea from


I bet you are all looking at this picture and noticing my earrings more than my necklace aren't you??!! It's all courtesy of

Necklaces/ bracelets

I loved the look of these necklaces when it is combined with another necklace. I just combined it with a necklace I already have. It's one of my favorites right now!!


Home made chocolate covered strawberries!!

Idea from
I made it for Brandon for Valentines Day! He really liked the idea and I LOVED it!

I made these for my family members for Valentines day! These were so easy to make but so fun! I love making things like this and giving them away to others! It's so much fun for me!

Valentine wreaths!


Valentine rice crispy treats! These were so fun to make! I was in charge of a playgroup for Valentines Day and I made these with some sugar cookies as well as had the kids decorate their own Valentines wreaths and bags to put their Valentines in. It was such a fun playgroup!


See, I again cannot remember where I got this idea from. I think it was from Ucreate. Anyways, I love it! If you don't know me already I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentines Day! It's my favorite holiday! This craft was really easy just time consuming.


Audrey's butterfly cupcake cake!


I used one of those styrofoam cones to make Audrey's hair stay up with her Cindy louwho costume! I am convinced that she is the cutest darn Cindy Louwho out there!!!


I made Gracey's fairy wings out of a wire hanger and nylons! It was fairly simple. The hardest part was bending the hanger wire, but other than that it wasn't too bad.


$1 apron! I bought this place mat at Dollar tree and made it into an apron for Audrey. She loves it so much and still uses it to this day!! :)


I think I got this idea off of a commercial. These were really fun to make, but kind of a little messy for kids. That's okay, they had fun making them!


I got this idea from another awesome blog. I usually never celebrate St. Patricks day but I thought this would be a nice surprise for Brandon during that day. I put it in his backpack for him to notice while he was at school. He loved it!!


I made this for Brandon for Valentines one year. He loved it! I got this idea from "Love actually," but created it my own way. I loved how it turned out!


Nursing cover:

This is just a simple nursing cover rather than the carseat/nursing cover all in one. I loved how this one turned out!


I LOVE Valentines Day! You will see a lot of Valentines decor from me!


Carseat Nursing Covers

When I made these carseat tent, putting flowers on it was a unique idea. But now you see it everywhere! I also made my carseat tent into a nursing cover as well. Again, at the time, I looked everywhere and nobody had created this yet. I made this clear back in October of 2009.


I made Audrey her own little red riding hood cape. She was little red riding hood for Halloween and needed a red cape. Doesn't she look so cute?!


These are just some fun pillows that I made to spice up our old couch. It's amazing all of the different creative ways to embellish a pillow. I love it!


I was pretty happy about my little Valentine tree. I bought it on clearance at Roberts on the after Christmas sale. I also painted those hearts myself. I loved how it turned out.


This is one of my favorite Valentines Decorations that I have personally made. I still use it to this day!!


I decoupaged this plate a while back when Audrey was 2 months old. It was a little hard doing it on a plate but I think it turned out pretty cute and it helps that there is a pretty dang cute baby in that picture who somehow turned 3 on me. :)

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