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Sunday, January 8, 2012

YW Lesson 2- Jesus Christ, The Savior handout!!

I was looking on Sugardoodle for some ideas for my lesson handout and one of the ideas they suggested was to get some red nail polish and put a dot on the girls phones or watches or something they keep with them all the time to let that be a reminder to them of the sacrifices Christ made for them and that he bled at every pore for them so that we could repent and have eternal life, and especially to remind them how much he loves them.

Well, I was thinking about it, and I was not very fond of the idea of putting a dot of nail polish on their phones or watches or anything; especially now days when kids these days have nice phones. So I decided to just buy the girls some nail polish instead. But when I was at the store late last night figuring this out, I was trying to figure out what else I could get besides nail polish that would help remind them of the Savior whenever they used it. So.....I decided to do red chapstick as well. I loved the chapstick idea because chapstick is used all the time, and everytime they use that chapstick they will be reminded of the Savior and the pains he went through for each one of them and how much he  truly loves them, and most importantly that they will use this chapstick as a guide to  "protect," them from temptations and to always remember Christ. I hope they will always remember this lesson and this lesson handout and hope that they will always remember Christ what He went through for them.

Huh....I just noticed something just now. I was reading the packaging on the chapstick and I find it kind of ironic that it says "Sealed for your protection," and "Protects to help heal." Anybody else find it kind of ironic? It kind of relates to my lesson so well. Hmmm...too bad I didn't notice that earlier. I could have came up with a wicked awesome quote! Haha! :)


.Chrissy said...

That is awesome! I taught this lesson yesterday too! I had the same reservations about the red nailpolish dots. I just ended up letting them pick a picture of the savior that I had displayed with the little easles that I made. Your idea was really cute! and yeah the chapstick lines were awesome!

Amanda and Chad said...

what a creative idea! i like the switch from nailpolish to chapstick instead.