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Monday, January 16, 2012

Spotlight of the week!!

Wow, I kind of took a break doing spotlights of the week because of how busy the holidays were. I am starting to get back into it. So to the remaining family members, I have not forgotten about you!

The spotlight this week goes to GLENN!!! Glenn is my brother-in-law and is married to Brandon's sister, Chrissy! Glenn served a mission in Florida, where he actually first met Chrissy. Don't worry though they didn't have any feelings towards each other until they both got home...or so they say. Haha, just kidding guys! I had to give you a hard time. I know that you guys really were just friends/ companinons on your mission and know without a doubt that you guys served with all of your heart!

Anyways, back to Glenn. I know I say this about all of my brothers-in-law, but he too is an amazingly smart person. For the past few years he has been going to BYU and is going into law and has aced every single class he has taken. See what I mean about the whole smart thing?!

Anyways, Glenn is a pretty easy going guy, great at telling stories, and likes to have fun. But there is one thing specifically about Glenn that makes him stand out the most. He truly is the most AMAZING teacher.....seriously. Amazing really isn't a strong enough word. He has a way of teaching that will capture your attention and not only that, but you feel the spirit so strong every single time he teaches. No lie. He can joke around in his lesson and have a good time but then all of a sudden he makes it into a spiritual moment...and it's so powerful. He really has a knack for teaching that's for dang sure!  I really wish I could teach like that. I did try once but totally failed at it! :)

We are glad you are a part of our family Glenn! We hope you enjoyed your treat!

Audrey and Lisa

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.Chrissy said...

Awe!! I loved this post!!! Glenn and I read it this morning. I think you made his day! Thank you so much!! It really is so very sweet of you to do these and I think you and Audrey are amazing!