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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween placemats

I bought some Placemats in the dollar bin at Target for the girls to color and use for whenever they eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Livy gets to use hers for lunch on the days that she is here. She is pretty proud of how her's turned out and told me to tell everybody that comes over to look at her placemet! Haha! Audrey did a great job too. Gracey wanted to color her own one as well. I even joined in and colored one with them. I have not finished mine yet, hence the reason I have not posted mine. Audrey and Livy thought it was so cool that I was coloring with them. It's funny how the simple things make kids so happy! I usually don't do these crafts with them because I am usually finishing the stuff that they can't do on these projects. So funny! This was a super cheap/simple project and fun for the kids too!

Livy's placemat.

Audrey's placemat. 

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.Chrissy said...

I love it! Yeah I even remember as a kid how cool I thought it was when the adults did the project with us! : )