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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spotlight of the week

My sister-in-law, Anne was picked to be this weeks spotlight! Anne definitely deserves a little spotlight. She works full time and is a Mom to 3 kids plus 1 by marriage. But we just say 4 because she is so good with all of the kids and treats the other one just like she treats her other kids! She is such a great Mom! Anne has been through so much throughout her life and is such an amazingly strong person!! Anne is a fun person to be around and is so understanding! Anne really likes jewelry. I found an idea off of pinterest that I have wanted to do forever now and I finally was able to make it! I made her a necklace inspired by this lady that is sponsored by Ucreate!! I really hope Anne likes it! I may have to make me one too!!!


Kara and Chant said...

That is so cute! Love it!

.Chrissy said...

I love how it turned out!! That gray/blue color is PERFECT!!! Anne you really are so amazing! We are glad that you are a part of our family!

Larry and Ashley said...

I love that necklace it's so so cute!!