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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spotlight of the week

Troy was the lucky winner this week! Well, I am a little late so technically his spotlight was last week. For those that don't know, Troy is my awesome brother-in-law! Troy is seriously one smart man! He really is. He is so funny and LOVES to tease others! I remember growing up and Troy would always tickle me when I was little. He now does that to Audrey and his other nieces and nephews. Oh man, I remember one time Troy was showing/telling me that one of his arms was longer than the other and I so thought he was serious! Lol!!! Oh man I can't believe I fall for his jokes sometimes...still! Haha! Sometimes I don't know when he is serious and when he is joking because he has a great poker face! It took me a minute but I think I have kind of figured him out! Haha!

One of the things that I enjoy is listening to Troy tell stories. He just is one of those people that when he talks you just want to listen to him.

Troy loves loves loves to go fishing and hunting!!! He is so great at it too!

One of Troy's famous words when he kisses Audrey and his other nieces and nephews is he always says "Wowee," after he kisses them. Audrey really did like it when he did that!

He can be very intimidating when you first meet him too. He sometimes still intimidates me! Haha!

He has the best laugh too!

Troy isn't really too keen on sweets, so my sister told me that one of his favorite things to snack on is the dill pickle sunflower seeds! So that's what we decided to get him for his spotlight gift! (Sorry no pictures).Audrey drew him a cute picture and even wrote his name on it (which she was very proud of by the way). Audrey really loves her Uncle Troy as do the rest of us!

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.Chrissy said...

So cute! It is fun to learn new things about the people spotlight!! I love the arm story too!