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Sunday, October 2, 2011

More ideas to use with my pumpkin decoration idea

So some of you may think this is a bit corny, but maybe there are a couple of you out there that might think this idea is funny. I was actually quite proud of myself for coming up with this idea. :) For the tag for the treat I put this saying.....

.... "You are a "JACK" of all trades." Get it? This is supposed to be a jack-o-lantern so that's where I came up with the phrase. I think it works perfect when putting in different kinds of chocolate too. It is very fitting don't you think? 


This is my second idea to use with this cute pumpkin out of a cup idea! I put a cupcake in it. I got my inspiration to put a cupcake in this from other websites that put their cupcakes in a jar, but when I used the napkins to cover the cup I knew that it would be awesome to have a yummy treat in there and that way you can use the napkin that is wrapped around it, to help clean up any messes from that treat! I was pretty happy that I came up with this idea too. :)

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.Chrissy said...

I love when you make jokes!! You are so funny!