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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall craft- pumpkins made out of plastic cups

I came up with this pumpkin idea the other day. I was just experimenting with a cup that I had and a napkin and thought it would be cute to make a pumpkin with it! I didn't fill it with candy or anything this time, but you certainly can. In fact you can use it as a visiting teaching treat, a treat to give to your neighbors, a treat to share at school, etc. I am going to probably make some of these for Audrey's friends at school for when she is in charge of the snack but I am going to find mini cups, (Which they have at the dollar store), and make mini ones for her friends! Isn't it cute?!

You could make it plain without a face like this (which I like better if it is for an adult treat). I do also like this as just a decoration too.

Or you can add a face to it, which would be cute for little kids. 
Isn't it fun?!

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.Chrissy said...

That would be such a great idea for centerpieces if you are doing a little party...