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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oreo Marshmallow bars

I call these Oreo marshmallow bars. I don't think that's the real name for this dessert. I found this dessert from this site. They are so easy to make. I made these three different ways just to see if there was a difference.

First time: I melted my marshmallows over the stove and doing it this way kind of made these bars flat.

Second time: The next time I made these, I microwaved the marshmallows like the recipe says to do, and when I took it out of the microwave I flattened out the marshmallow to stir it up and then I added in my oreos. They seemed to have done the same thing when I melted the marshmallows over the stove so I ended up folding the bars over to double in size when they were a little cooled off, and it did add that extra thickness I was looking for. It turned out better once I did that. I did also garnish it with left over oreos too.

*So then the third time I made them, I actually forgot to put butter in with my marshmallow and instead of flattening out the marshmallow when it was done cooking I just added in my crumbled up oreos and it seemed to keep the fluff a little better and I actually really liked the taste of it a lot better.

So there you go. That is what I learned from making these. Feel free to use my suggestions! It might save you some time and money! :) If it doesn't turn out how you like it though, please don't blame me. This is just my opinion on what I think tastes good and what worked out for me. :) You may feel differently. :)


.Chrissy said...

These look so delicious! actually amazingly delicious!

Joshua V Robbins said...

I think you owe me some of these. I just can't remember what bet you lost. I'm sure there was one.