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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Slap bracelets re-do

So, I am sure that a lot of you have seen others re-do these slap bracelets lately. I think it's such a cute idea. You can decorate them in so many ways! Here are just a couple that I quickly put together. Mine could be cuter and I have other cute ideas. I just have not been able to do a lot of them yet. Anyways, here is how I re-did my bracelets:

This is what they looked like originally

I cut the edges of this plastic off to round it more. 

I then measured to see how big I needed my fabric. You want it big enough that the fabric folds over the slap bracelet.... this. 

Then you cut out that piece of fabric.

Fold it in half with the wrong side on the outside. 

Then you sew it along the edge. Using a sewing machine would be much easier. But I don't have one, so I had to do it by hand. It didn't take very long do to by hand anyways because it doesn't have to be perfect.

Then once you are down sewing, flip the strip right side out. 

This is what it looks like flipped out. 

Then you slide your slap bracelet in it. 

Use your scissors to round the edges again.

Then you hot glue the edges.

Your done! Except if you want to add an embellishment to it, which I want to and will, but I only had time to show a basic look of this slap bracelet. 

**By the way, there is a much easier way to re-decorate these (not for me apparently. :) The easy way would be to put your slap bracelet on your fabric or ribbon and trace (2 pieces, one for each side)  to the shape of the slap bracelet and then glue it on. But for some odd reason, this process did not work for me. My slap bracelet wouldn't bend when I did it this way. The reason I know this way works, is because my sister-in-law made some and hers worked just fine. So, I don't know what happened with mine. But the way that I showed you works really well too..thanks to my husband for giving me the suggestion!**

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