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Monday, September 12, 2011

Spotlight of the week

Audrey picked out her Grammy and Papa (AKA- Brandon's parents) as the spotlight last week. There really was no rhyme or reason to why I put their gift together the way I did..but it works. Brandon's dad really loves snickers, music, service, movies, dunfords chocolate donuts and loves being a Grandpa to his 5 granddaughters and one grandson!  Brandon's Mom loves to sew and be crafty, loves to organize, knows so many tips on how to clean things, loves to serve as well, etc. She is an awesome Grammy to her grandchildren. She really is one smart woman too!

So, here is my explanation for what I bought them for their spotlight gift:

Serving tray: Because they have served us so much and have served so many people, I thought it would be nice to serve them! ;) get it?!

Snickers: Brandon's dad's favorite candy

Framed pin cushion found Framed pin cushion: For Brandon's Mom because she is an amazing sewer and it doesn't hurt to have more room to put your pins on. :) The pin cushion on this site turned out way better than the one I made. I didn't have the directions in front of me when I did mine and just kind of winged it!

Cupcakes: Well... because I thought they deserved another treat! :)

**Funny story: I was putting tissue paper down at the bottom of the serving tray so that I could put the snickers and everything else on top of it, to kind of make it look cuter. Audrey was watching me as I did this and she says to me "Mom, that looks funny." Haha! I just laughed and actually agreed with her. It did look kind of funny. I am so glad that she was paying attention to that!!**

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Jamie said...

Once again you are so super creative. Great ideas!