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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spotlight of the week-Jamie

My sister Jamie was the spotlight of the week last week. It was also her Birthday last week so we did a combined Birthday/spotlight gift for her. I didn't make anything homemade for her this time. I feel like I didn't have enough time last week to work on it. Not only that but I had another coupon for JCPenney and I was able to find her a cute necklace and earrings that cost me $1.00.

One of Jamie's favorite sweet things to eat, is "Dunford donuts" chocolate donuts. I figured since it was her Birthday too, that I could get her her very own chocolate donut. Well, I went there and they didn't have one single chocolate donut. They had a dozen of them or about 16 or so of them, but they didn't have any single ones that I could buy and it was expensive to get a dozen of them.  I was very sad about this. So, I ended up getting her a different flavor. I am so sorry again Jamie. If I had more time and if I thought about it sooner I would have gone to a gas station to get you one. Maybe next time.

Anyways, Jamie is such a great big sister. She's always complimenting me and others and is a great example to those around her. She is so smart and really can put her mind to anything. She has always been a great example to me growing up. She tought me by example, how to save money and not spend it on stupid things. She has always stayed true to her beliefs and I admire this about her. Love you Jamie! Happy Birthday and Happy spotlight of the week!! :)


.Chrissy said...

I love this one! Jamie really is just so nice to everyone!! I am glad she got spotlighted!!

Jamie said...

aah, thank you so much! I really like the necklace and earrings, in fact I wore them to the RS General meeting and got a lot of compliments. I love to wear jewelery, just can't when I have Izzy with me. And, it went great with my new blouse. And, the maple donut was delicious. I love you Lisa, thank you for all of the compliments, you are the best little sister anyone can have, and I admire you.