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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Young Women's personal progress jars

I put together jars for each age group in young womens for personal progress. Whenever they pass off an experience they get to put a cottonball in the jar. Whichever age group fills it the fastest wins a prize. The one prize that we thought of was taking them out for ice cream. We haven't really thought of any other ideas, so if you have any, they would be greatly appreciated! :) Where I originally found this idea, one of the prizes was having a sleep over at the Young Women's presidents home. That was a cute idea too.

Here are the jars I made for each group. Hopefully this will motivate the girls to do their personal progress!!!!


.Chrissy said...

This is a cute idea, I love the sleepover idea too. I think as a Young Women I would have had fun with that.

Kevin & Lachelle said...

Having a spa night would be fun for the girls too. Having a bunch of nail stuff and do facial.s