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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spotlight of the week- Kendra

I am a little late in posting the spotlight of the week this week. But the spotlight is for my niece Kendra. Kendra loves pretty much a lot of things, especially zebra print anything. My sister in law Chrissy gave me some slap bracelets that we could re-do and Kendra loves things like bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, etc. So I decided to make her slap bracelets and a bow that she could put in her hair. Or if she wants she can also attach the bow to a shirt to spice it up a little bit. :)

Kendra is such a sweet girl. She cares so much about you and every time you see her she is always so welcoming and always so excited to see you and is always complimenting others! Those are some of my favorite things about Kendra, besides the fact that she is so beautiful inside and out!

Slap bracelet re-do. I will post how to do this soon.

I have made these "Sour cream containers," quite often for different things. I thought it would be perfect to put her bracelets and bow in for her spotlight gift. 

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.Chrissy said...

This gift idea was so cute for her! I bet she loves them!!