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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Date night jar

I decided it would be fun to make a date night jar! So, whenever we by chance go on a date, we can put a slip of paper in the jar or any item in the jar that has to do with the date you want to do for that night! It may be a cheesy idea, but I really like it. And I just had this extra jar laying around, so I figured I might as well! I made some little tags for Brandon for our date yesterday and it was really fun! He didn't even know we were even having a date night! It was a nice surprise for him to see this jar before he left for work! It would be a fun surprise to see when Brandon puts a slip of paper in there too! It would be like opening presents Christmas morning, finding a piece of paper from Brandon in this jar! haha!

K, so it was really late the other night and I was really tired and did not have any ambition to make this jar cute. So, this is what it looked like before. Not cute at all. Although I was pretty proud that I came up with some of the phrases to go with the items that I put in the jar, especially with it being so late. ;)

Clear back in February I ordered 4 one hour massages from city deals for $60.00 total. Anyways, we finally used our last set of massages for part of our date yesterday! 

We have actually had this gift card for a very long time and decided to finally use it. We ended up going to "Market street grill," and this is the phrase I came up with:

I was going to make Brandon an awesome dessert to come home to but we both decided to make it another night when we can have people over to share it with us!! (Yes he did know about the dessert that I was making for this day, but didn't know that we were having a date night.) Anyways, I put a milky way with this tag because the dessert I was  going to make for him has Milky way's in it!! 

This is what the jar looks like now! I am excited to be able to use this jar for date nights!! 

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.Chrissy said...

I love this idea! Such a cute way to break up the monotony of date life : )