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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Recipe- Milky Way Ice cream cake!!!!!

Oh man! If you are on a diet this is not something you should be eating!! Just warning you! :) This is the dessert I was going to make for my date with Brandon the other night but decided to wait to make it for when my parents came over for dinner and dessert. They loved it! I found this idea on Pinterest! That is an evil site by the way! The site that I got this idea from is temporarily unavailable. I will try to remember to post the link later. So for now, here is how you do it:

Gather all of your ingredients. The recipe that I used, used all of these ingredients, but you can definitely change the type of chocolate you want to use and make it to your liking. I think next time I will make an Almond Joy ice cream cake with coconut. Mmm....sounds yummy to me!

Then you unwrap your ice cream sandwiches and place them in your dish. I used an 8X8 dish because we certainly didn't need anything bigger than that.

Then you take your caramel and fudge and spread it onto the ice sandwiches and then top it with the broken up chocolate. ( I used about 10-11 miniature sized pieces.)
Tip: I warmed up our hot fudge first and then spread it on the ice cream sandwiches. It was easier to spread it onto the sandwiches that way.

Then you add your whip cream to the top of that. 

Then you put another layer of your caramel and fudge and chocolate on top

After you are done putting it all together put it in the freezer covered for a few hours until ready to serve. :) SOOO easy!

Then you serve it and enjoy!! 


.Chrissy said...

That looks so incredibly tempting!! : ) and it is pretty!

Emily said...

Wow, this looks so good! I am off to pin it to my sweet Treats board on Pinterest!

Jamie said...

Looks so good Lisa, but oh so many calories. :)

Kj said...

That looks amazing! I tried to make an ice cream cake once and failed! So this seems doable :) thanks!