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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spotlight of the week- Adalie!

Audrey picked out miss Adalie's name for the spotlight of the week. Adalie is Audrey's little cousin that is a year older than her. Adalie LOVES clothes/ dresses. LOVES them. So, I just so happened to have a $10 off your $10 purchase at JC Penney and found this cute dress that was on clearance and spent $1.06 on it! Score!!! Audrey helped me pick out the dress too. I was having the hardest time deciding between this dress and another one and could not make a decision, so I asked Audrey to choose one and she liked this one. :) I actually made the blue/purple bows that I connected to the dress a couple of years ago when I was selling bows and it just so happens that the bows matched her outfit pretty well!

Adalie absolutely LOVES her dress and bows and it looks so cute on her! :)


.Chrissy said...

That is an amazing price!! Way to shop! (and Audrey definitely picked out a cute one!)

Jamie said...

Awesome deal Lisa. I love your shopping skills! I didn't realize that dress was from you when I saw her pics on facebook. She looks adorable in it. Way to go, this is a great spotlight!