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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spotlight of the week- Olivia

This week, the lucky winner of the spotlight of the week is...... Olivia!! Olivia is my new niece from my brother-in-law's new wife! Anways, so Audrey picked out her name last week. I really try to keep my spotlight of the week gifts between $1-2 dollars if not less. I know I have probably said this a million times, but Audrey really does love doing this with me. She loves when she can pick out somebody's name and she loves to draw them a picture too. She does also love to help me make whatever it is I am making for the spotlight that week. It's so fun to get her involved with this!

Anyways, I was at the dollar tree the other day and was looking around figuring out what I could do for Olivia. So, I used this idea that I used to make part of Brandon's valentines gift, and made one for her..except a bit smaller. :) I found a cupcake tin at the dollar store and immediately thought of using that idea. But this time I put a couple of bows that I made, some candy and little notes to go on the candy inside the cupcake tins. Then I just covered it with the paper that I had at home. It was so fun to make and you can be sure that I am going to make more of these because they are sooooo easy and such a fun little gift to give and receive for that matter. And it's so inexpensive!! That is my kind of crafting! haha!

So, this is what you do. Get a tin fill it up with the person's favorite things.

Then you find some cute paper that you think will suit the person you are doing the spotlight for.

I just happened to have an empty ribbon container on my table that I used to make a circle to fit on the tin and it worked PERFECTLY!!!! It was just the right size. 

Then you make your cute phrases to go with the candy. :) On the "Bow-tiful," that I used on the blue bow, I think next time I will write "Bow-u-tiful." It sounds better!

Then you add magnets to the back of your paper.

Then you add those pieces of paper that you cut out earlier, to the tin like so.

 Then you add a tag to the top of it and I actually added some butterflies to add to the top of the paper as well. It gave it some more character!! I just cut out the butterflies that came with this paper pad that I had, and glued it onto the circled paper. (By the way, all of the paper that you see me craft with, is all from Hobby Lobby!! They have some amazingly cute paper pads.)
There you have it! I seriously am loving this idea! Not only can you do it for a spotlight gift, but you can do it as a Thank you, a get well present, a condolence, a birthday, anniversary, holiday, you name it!!


.Chrissy said...

This one is serious so so adorable!! I love the butterflies too! Perfect for Olivia!

nbroberts said...

I LOVE IT! I have seen this done with the the mini muffin pans (24 spots) and the 12 muffin ones for the 12 days of Christmas or an advent calendar with treats inside. So cute!

Lisa said...

Nicole~ I know huh? Its such a fun idea.