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Monday, August 22, 2011

$3.00 frame re-do

So, remember when I purchased these frames at Hobby Lobby for 90 percent off becoming a total of $1.20 each, clear back in July? Well, I finally finshed them! It matches perfectly with the rest of the projects I have been making to go in Gracey's room. Now I just need to decorate all of it and show you a picture of her room when I am done! That might be awhile though. :)

Here is the before:

Here are the step by step instructions on how to do these.

It was not easy taking these things off the back of the frame. I did use a paring knife and that seemed to work really good. Just use a knife that you don't really care about or else it might get bent! Sadly, I am speaking from experience.

Once you get the backing off, gently take the letters off as well or they might break. Again, I am speaking from experience. I was even being really really careful too. But you have to be more careful than that! Anyways, then you find the paper you want to use as your new background, cut it out to the desired length and width and glue it on top of the original square wood piece. I just used wood glue to glue mine together.

Then you want to make sure you clean your glass, especially on the inside. Otherwise it will be dirty from the inside forever...or until you want to re-do this project again. 

Then, I just cut some ribbon and pulled out some old bows that I had and hot glue it to the rest of the frame. It worked out perfectly because I made these bows for Audrey when she was little, about Gracey's age, but she has not worn them since and I figured I would use them for this project since we haven't been using them for it's intended use anyways. Although, you could always just use the clip on the back of the bow and clip it onto the ribbon (which I did with the letter "R," picture). That way if you want to still use the bows for your girls' hair, you can. Just put it back on the frame when you are finished. :) I should have thought about doing the other bows like that sooner.
Oh well.

This is the after! I can't wait until I get around to finally putting all of these projects for Gracey's room where they need to be! 

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Kara and Chant said...

Those turned out so cute!