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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little girl yo-yo bracelets

I LOVE to doll my girls up if you haven't noticed! I started a thing where I am trying to do a Mommy and Me style for my girls and I. I have only made bracelets so far, but I love them. They look so cute on the girls. I actually was only able to get a picture of the pink one on the girls. Aren't they just so dang cute?!

Oh man, I love these girlies, they are just so darn cute! I love these bracelets on them as well! I actually also added some bows to their dresses and am in the process of re-fashioning them a little bit more! I can't wait until I am done to post pictures!!!! 


Simply Wheat said...

Those are so cute. To bad I don't have girls :)

.Chrissy said...

They turned out completely adorable!!!!