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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recipe- Eggplant parmesan

I went in on a "Boutiful basket," with my friend last week because it was my first time doing it and I wanted to see what it was like and in it was an eggplant. I have never had eggplant before and had no idea what I was going to make with it. So I just googled eggplant recipes and I found one off of Allrecipes that sounded pretty good. Then I happened to run across a food blog that I have been checking frequently here and her's looks really yummy too! I just didn't have the sauce ingredients to make this one, or else I would have totally made it!

I actually didn't really mind this. I thought eggplant was going to be so nasty but with this recipe you can't really taste it. I couldn't anyways because it was smothered in yummy spagetti sauce, LOTS of Mozzerella cheese (that is how my husband likes it) and parmesan cheese. The only thing that was holding me back from really loving this, was the look of eggplant when it is all cooked and a little bit of the texture but overall it actually wasn't too bad!  Is it weird that if the food looks nasty I have a hard time eating it? I guess I am one of those that judges food by what it looks like! :)  But my little 14 month old LOVED it and my 3 year old actually didn't mind it either. I think it had to do with the fact that it just kind of tasted like spagetti especially with the sauce and parmesan cheese.

If you want the full recipe and step by step instructions go to the links above!!! picture of this recipe doesn't even look appetizing at all. Just go to those links above, they have better pictures that look more appetizing!!


Anonymous said...

I am so flattered that you mentioned my recipe on your blog :) You are so sweet! Your eggplant parm looks so good too...all that CHEESE yum!

Lisa said...

Your's looked a lot better than mine, that's for sure! And, your recipe looked better to me than the one off of Allrecipes. Thanks for sharing your recipe!!

.Chrissy said...

I would definitely need the lots of cheese too. I had eggplant lasagna on my mission once and it was not good. It was probably just the recipe they used...

Jamie said...

Remember I told you about the eggplant parmesean I made? Yours sounds a lot better. Glad it turned out so well, and I am so proud of you for eating it! didn't think you would.