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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spotlight of the week #3

Okay, I am now caught up with the spotlights. Here is spotlight number 3. Audrey drew out my new sister-in-law's little boy Ammon's name. I haven't really had a chance to get to know Ammon really well but I did ask his Mom what his favorite things were. One of his favorite things was skateboards and one of his favorite thing to snack on is Doritos.

I was trying to come up with a treat or something that I could make that looked like a skateboard. So, then I found the makings for rice cripsy treats in our food storage and decided that maybe I could make skateboards out of the rice crispy treats. So I did. They aren't the best looking skateboards, but I think they turned out pretty cute for my first time making them. I used toothpicks and skittles for the wheels on the skateboard.

Then I decided that I needed some kind of skateboard to display his rice crispy treat skateboards on. So I took a paper plate and cute out a skateboard. 

It was perfect because the plate went up on the edges where the skateboard goes up. Then I added some paper to it and put his name on it.

Here is the finished product!

It was pretty fun to make and Ammon LOVED it. It was so cute to see how much he loved it. He also knew right off that the rice crispy treats were skateboards! I was a little worried he wouldn't know what they were but he did.


.Chrissy said...

That is the most creative idea ever!! I love that you are doing this!!! (I hope you don't mind but when Savannah gets older I want to do this just like you are doing it!!!!) I am so happy for Ammon!

Jamie said...

Awesome Lisa, once again, you are so super creative!