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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ribbon organizer

I got my idea to organize my ribbon from this awesome site, Fun, Cheap, or Free. I LOVE this site. There are so many great ideas and tips you can do for so cheap.The lady that puts it together is so amazing!

Anyways, so I kind of used her idea, and made one for me, but with the supplies that I had.

I just used a skewer like she did because that is what I had at the moment. I absolutely LOVE how this looks standing up like it is. It's probably my favorite way!

Or you can do it this way! You can put it on top of your craft photo box and roll the ribbon out from the sides. The only problem with doing it this way is you have to take the dowels out to fit the ribbon back in the box. Unless you intend to keep it on top of the box, then it's perfect because you can store ribbon underneath it!

I actually originally started putting all of my color coordinated ribbon/ flowers, in separate little baggies in my box to keep it all organized and that way I save on space like I wanted too....

...But then I was thinking about it, and I had this bigger box that I decided to use to put my ribbon in it. The best part about it, is you don't have to take the dowels out when you need some ribbon. It's kept nice and organized. It's a win win situation! You could honestly do it any of these ways that I suggested! They all work and you get the same result! I did orginially start with putting the color coordinated ribbon in the baggies like I mentioned above and I am going to keep those ones that way, but decided that I loved the way the ribbon looked the other way too. It's just too cute! So, so much for trying to conserve on space! haha!

And, no, this is not all of my ribbon. I have a lot more than this. :)


.Chrissy said...

I think it looks really cute too! functional and decorative--best of both worlds

Michael L. Sheppard said...

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