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Monday, August 15, 2011

Spotlight of the week #4

This week Audrey drew out my parents name for the spotlight of the week. As I was thinking about what we could do for them, I was trying to think of some of the things they loved or loved to do. My parents love to go to dinners and go see movies. So I decided to do a "dinner and a movie," type thing for them. I found these popcorn containers at the dollar tree, you get two of them for $1 and thought this would be perfect for their little spotlight gift. I love how cheap my spotlight of the week gifts are!

Anyways, this is what I did:

I bought those containers and grabbed some popcorn from our pantry and I printed up some labels off of my computer to add to the things that will be in these popcorn containers.

I then put the labels on some pieces of chocolate that we had.

I added another tag on there for a homemade meal that I will make for my parents sometime that said "Good for one homemade meal by Lisa. Redeemable at the Robbins family home."  On the other tag for the popcorn that went in my dad's container I added a tag that said "You are a poppin grandpa." It might not make sense, but I liked how it sounded! haha!

Then I tried to make a fake paper DVD with a free rental code that they can use for their movie. 

Then I put everything in the containers.

Then I crinkled up what yellow paper I had, to make it look like popcorn to put in those containers. I wish I had more yellow paper to make it more full, but oh well. :) 

Then I made some tags saying: "Congratulations Grandpa G and Grandma G, You have been chosen to be the spotlight of the week!" and I attached them to the cellophane.

There you have it! So to sum it all up this is what was in the containers: I put, real and fake popcorn in the containers, a homemade redbox DVD with an awesome free DVD rental code! Can't beat free!!! Then, I put some labels on some chocolate we had and added a free meal and a free dessert that I would make for my parents.

This was so much fun to make because I knew my parents would love it and because they love to go to dinners and watch movies! I know they don't get a dinner at a fancy restaurant but this is more personal for me to make a meal for them. They seemed to really like it and I can't wait to have them over for some dinner and dessert!!


.Chrissy said...

Cute idea!! I really love these! (finally you got to draw one of your side of the family's names : ) )

Slater Blog said...

Love it Lisa, I really do!