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Monday, August 8, 2011

Spotlight of the week #2

The second week, we drew out my sister-in-law Kim's name for the spotlight of the week. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of what I did for her. I made one of those felt purses seen here. I bought a necklace for her at JC Penny for $.85 cents. I had a $10 off of  your $10 purchase. I put her necklace in the felt purse I made and stuffed it with tissue paper and gave it to her that way.

The best part about it, was I worked on this project at our girls craft day and she didn't realize it was for her. She did ask who the necklace was for and thought it was very cute and I told her it was for a friend.. :) I did that on purpose because I wanted to see what she thought of the necklace and purse first. If she didn't like it then I was just going to keep the necklace for myself. Haha!! But I knew she would like it.

Here are some things to know about Kim:

Kim is a great Mom
She is very understanding
She is very smart
She can do anything she puts her mind to
She loves to learn
She LOVES to talk!! Haha! There is never a dull moment around Kim
She always makes you feel welcome
She is a very crafty person and sometimes doesn't realize it!

Love ya Kim!


.Chrissy said...

So cute!! I love this post!

Jamie said...

Great post Lisa! Are you letting your "spotlights" know you are doing this on them? I just don't want to be spotlighted and not see it for a while. ;)